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TAUMETI Design Studio represents a culturally dynamic group of fashion designers whose uncommon vision drives the heart of their craft. Elevated passion and lucrative discipline produce  both statement and pieces in our signature fashion and beauty collections.


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Designer: Amenta B

I express my imagination through a mixed bag of artistry. A child of two nations, my influences reflect both my Native/American and African heritage. My aesthetic expresses grace, embodies culture and celebrates sensual femininity. I love to use texture, print and color to communicate perspectives of beauty, attitudes, and principles.

Inspired by tribal culture with a distinct focus on motifs found in nature. My designs take cues from symbols, language, cultural practices.

"Bliss is naturally sweet, so do what you love"​ ~ Amenta B.


Designer: Phealls Phree

Cristian Sanaa is where art meets fashion. Phealls Phree, the visionary designer, has been creating visual art for over 20 years and fashion accessories for 10 years. His inspiration derives from working with geometric patterns, the golden ratio, and mixed mediums. The name of the brand celebrates his daughter and translates from Swahili to “beautiful art”.


Whether you are seeking unique visual art, stunning hand-etched brass, copper, and silver jewelry, traditionally-crafted leather work with a modern twist, or distinctive exotics, Cristian Sanaa has you covered. Each piece is designed by hand through up to 20 hours of careful construction, so no two creations are exactly the same.

"Be different. Stand out. Be groundbreaking. Enhance the beauty of your home or ensemble with Cristian Sanaa."




Olivia Kakule Creator of the Kimya Paris brand and fashion designer is a multi-faceted young entrepreneur who continues to reinvent herself through a style that she would define as Afropolitan.

A fashion that it offers to cosmopolitan women, entrepreneurs and executives looking for a vitaminized, original and classy style. Passionate about prints and colors, it is only natural that she will take wax fabric as a support to launch her collections. It is a familiar fabric “the fabric of my childhood".  She works in the world of luxury, of Haute Couture houses. This entrepreneur is a graduate of the famed Paris business school HEC,  deepning her knowledge of the fashion business world. Its collections travel between Paris, Tokyo, London and Kigali. Her challenge was to to break the clichés linked to African fashion by offering cosmopolitan women modern cuts, mixing African fabrics and Western fabrics.

What will be her next destination?



Rashidat Akangbe Enifeni is founder and C.E.O of Dulzura Concept Couture. She was born in Nigeria, and relocated to the U.S.A in 2016. She specializes in custom styles for special occasions. She works with beads, stone, tulle and many other materials adding embellishments that create a grammatical effect on her designs. Dulzura Concept is luxury custom made for all occasions.


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